August 15, 2023

API Idempotency

We are pleased to introduce Idempotency on the Lithic API. This feature ensures that even in scenarios of connectivity disruptions or uncertainty, you can confidently resend requests without the risk of unintended repetitions.

Users can now include an "Idempotency-Key: <key>" header when making POST requests. Lithic will retain the initial request's status and response linked to this key, ensuring consistent results for repeated requests. This key, which users can freely generate ensuring no overlaps and adhering to a 255-character limit, boosts both reliability and security.

We believe this enhancement will provide an optimized user experience and amplify the robustness of our platform. For in-depth details and guidelines on this new feature, we invite you to explore our documentation.

We have also updated our client libraries to support idempotency token. Our client libraries automatically generate idempotency keys to be able to retry requests. You also have the option of providing your own custom idempotency keys.