January 10, 2024

Bug fix to pass through additional 3DS Authentication Objects

On January 16 (Tuesday), we plan to release a bug fix that is causing a small number of 3DS authentications to currently fail, and therefore not be passed through to customers. Previously, if the following fields received from the merchant were empty, Lithic would reject the authentication requests:

  • merchant.country
  • merchant.id
  • merchant.mcc
  • merchant.name

While our 3DS Authentication Object Guide properly details that non-payment authentications can have these fields optionally present, our Production behavior and OpenAPI Spec documentation of the 3DS Authentication object were not accurate. We will also be releasing an update to the spec on January 16 to align it with our Guide.

The impact to customers is that you will see additional 3DS Authentications come through, now with the above fields optionally present. For any customers whose systems currently expect those fields to be required and always present, we recommend relaxing the relevant logic to handle cases where they are not present.