Lithic has partnered with Plaid to make it easier for our mutual customers to authenticate end-user bank account details without having to handle and store this sensitive data. Customers can now simply pass a Plaid processor token to the specified Lithic endpoint, at which time Lithic will use the token to retrieve bank account and routing numbers directly from Plaid.

To use Plaid with Lithic and create a Plaid processor token, first follow the instructions on Plaid's docs.

Adds a bank account as a funding source using the processor token (Created in previous step). Returns a FundingAccount object containing the bank information, or a json object containing the Plaid error fields shown below. More documentation on these fields can be found on the Errors page in Plaid's documentation.

Note that the funding source must be a checking account. You can filter out other accounts using the account_filters field of the request body when making a token with Plaid.

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