August 31, 2022

Pre-release Notes for September 6, 2022

Reminder of two upcoming breaking changes

Earlier this year, we announced two breaking changes that you should be aware of. Please refer to this announcement for more details, and reach out to [email protected] should you have any questions.

  • Modification to the Transaction schema where the[].amount field will become signed (deployed to Sandbox on August 30 and coming to Production on September 27)
  • Modification to the Simulate Authorizations feature where if a simulated transaction is declined, a 200 response is returned to indicate a successful decline (deployed to Sandbox on September 27; no Production impact)

Cardholder Authentication fields in ASA and Transactions

Four new fields on ASA, Transaction webhooks, and Transactions (see Cardholder Authentication Schema for details). Use these fields to determine if a cardholder’s identity was considered verified due to 3DS or originating from a digital wallet.

Acquirer Reference Number (ARN) field in Transactions

A new acquirer_reference_number field will be populated for some Transactions and Transaction webhooks. Use this field to refer to the transaction in dispute and chargeback filing. Note that the ARN is not expected to be present for every transaction, and will only be surfaced once a transaction is cleared or reversed.