Transaction Schema

Learn more about transactions.

Transaction Schema

    "card_token": String,
    "amount": Integer,
    "authorization_amount": Integer,
    "merchant_amount": Integer,
    "merchant_authorization_amount": Integer,
    "merchant_currency": String,
    "acquirer_fee": Integer,
    "created": String,
    "events": [
    "merchant": Merchant,
    "network": String,
    "result": String,
    "settled_amount": Integer,
    "status": String,
    "token": String,
    "authorization_code": String,
    "cardholder_authentication": CardholderAuthentication,
    "acquirer_reference_number": String
card_tokenGlobally unique identifier for the card on which the transaction has occurred.
amountAuthorization amount of the transaction (in cents), including any acquirer fees. This may change over time, and will represent the settled amount once the transaction is settled.
authorization_amountOutstanding amount currently authorized for the transaction (in cents), including any acquirer fees.
merchant_amountAnalogous to the "amount" property, but will represent the amount in the transaction's local currency (smallest unit), including any acquirer fees.
merchant_authorization_amountAnalogous to the "authorization_amount" property, but will represent the amount in the transaction's local currency (smallest unit), including any acquirer fees.
merchant_currency3-digit alphabetic ISO 4217 code for the local currency of the transaction.
acquirer_feeFee (in the currency's smallest unit) assessed by the merchant and paid for by the cardholder. Will be zero if no fee is assessed. Rebates may be transmitted as a negative value to indicate credited fees.
createdDate and time when the transaction first occurred.
eventsA list of all events that have modified this transaction.
merchantSee Merchant Schema definition below.
networkCard network of the authorization. Can be INTERLINK, MAESTRO, MASTERCARD, VISA, or UNKNOWN.
resultAPPROVED or decline reason. See below for full enumeration.
settled_amountAmount (in cents) of the transaction that has been settled, including any acquirer fees. This may change over time.
tokenGlobally unique identifier for the transaction.
authorization_codeA fixed-width 6-digit alphanumeric identifier that can be used to identify a transaction with networks. This code will not exist for all transactions, and will be set with a null value in cases where it does not.
cardholder_authenticationSee Cardholder Authentication Schema definition below.
acquirer_reference_numberUnique identifier assigned to a transaction by the acquirer that can be used in dispute and chargeback filing. This is only populated once a transaction has been cleared, and is not available for all transactions.

A single transaction can have multiple ARNs if the merchant sends multiple clearings. These are most commonly seen in the case of e-commerce (e.g., where a merchant clears purchases each time goods within a larger order are shipped) and travel (e.g., where an airline sends a unique clearing record per passenger per flight segment).

Known cases where ARN will not be present are: automated fuel dispenser (AFD) transactions, single message transactions, and authorizations that are never cleared.

Event Schema

  "amount": Integer,
  "created": String,
  "result": Enum,
  "type": Enum,
  "token": String

A single card transaction may include multiple events that affect the transaction state and lifecycle.

amountAmount of the transaction event, including any acquirer fees. Debits (event types AUTHORIZATION_ADVICE and CLEARING will appear as positive amounts and credits (event types VOID and RETURN) will appear as negative amounts. Event type AUTHORIZATION can be either a debit or a credit depending on the authorization type (e.g., purchase authorization vs. refund authorization).
createdDate and time this event entered the system.
resultAPPROVED or decline reason. See below for full enumeration.
type- AUTHORIZATION: A dual-message authorization request from merchant where a subsequent clearing is expected.
- FINANCIAL_AUTHORIZATION: A single-message authorization request from merchant to debit funds without a subsequent clearing.
- CREDIT_AUTHORIZATION: A dual-message credit or refund authorization request from merchant where a subsequent clearing is expected.
- FINANCIAL_CREDIT_AUTHORIZATION: A single-message credit or refund authorization request from merchant without a subsequent clearing.
- AUTHORIZATION_ADVICE: An advice message updating the authorized amount of a previous authorization; it does not clear any funds - meaning a subsequent clearing is expected.
- CREDIT_AUTHORIZATION_ADVICE: An advice message indicating that a credit authorization was approve on your behalf by the network.
- AUTHORIZATION_REVERSAL: An advice message indicating that the authorization was reversed by the merchant.
- AUTHORIZATION_EXPIRY: An advice message indicating that the authorization has expired (i.e., the merchant has not cleared the transaction by the expected time) and reversed by Lithic.
- CLEARING: An advise message indicating that the merchant has completed the transaction.
- RETURN: An advice message indicating that a refund has been processed on the transaction.
- RETURN_REVERSAL: An advice message indicating that a refund has been reversed (e.g., in a case where the merchant needs to reverse an incorrect refund).
- BALANCE_INQUIRY: A request from merchant for the card's balance (most typically seen with ATMs)
tokenGlobally unique identifier for the event.

Merchant Schema

  "acceptor_id": String,
  "city": String,
  "country": String,
  "descriptor": String,
  "mcc": String,
  "state": String
acceptor_idUnique alphanumeric identifier for the payment card acceptor (merchant).
cityCity of card acceptor. As additional events are added to the transaction object (e.g., clearing event), this field may be updated to reflect the most recent merchant data provided by the network.
countryCountry of card acceptor. As additional events are added to the transaction object (e.g., clearing event), this field may be updated to reflect the most recent merchant data provided by the network.
descriptorShort description of card acceptor. As additional events are added to the transaction object (e.g., clearing event), this field may be updated to reflect the most recent merchant data provided by the network.
mccMerchant category code.
stateGeographic state of card acceptor. As additional events are added to the transaction object (e.g., clearing event), this field may be updated to reflect the most recent merchant data provided by the network.

Cardholder Authentication Schema

Lithic provides metadata on authentication attempts. These fields can be used to determine if cardholder authentication was performed prior to the authorization being submitted by the merchant. Cardholder authentication could happen via:

  • 3-D Secure programs, such as Mastercard Secure Code or Identity Check
  • Digital Secure Remote Payments (DSRP) tokenized payments via Apple Pay wallets

If the cardholder is authenticated or the merchant attempts authentication and the issuer declines to verify, liability shift may apply. If it does, the merchant no longer has liability for the transaction and it cannot be charged back for fraud.

  "verification_attempted": Enum,
  "verification_result": Enum,
  "liability_shift": Enum,
  "3ds_version": Enum,
  "acquirer_exemption": Enum
verification_attempted- NONE: Cardholder verification was not attempted. Authentication was performed via a frictionless flow, not attempted, or via standin risk-based authentication (RBA)
- OTHER: An undefined method, such as a previously challenged recurring transaction, was used to verify the cardholder
verification_result- SUCCESS: Authentication Verification Successful
- FRICTIONLESS: Attempts Processing Performed; Not Authenticated/Verified, but merchant attempted authentication/verification is provided
- NOT_ATTEMPTED: A 3DS attempt was not made for this transaction.
liability_shift- NONE: Liability has not shifted to the issuer (i.e. the merchant is liable)
- 3DS_AUTHENTICATED: Fully authenticated (possibly recurring) transaction. Liability shift applies
- TOKEN_AUTHENTICATED: Tokenized Payment with validated cryptography, possibly recurring, liability shift applies
3ds_version 3DS Protocol Version. Note that this field may appear as three_ds_version in some of Lithic's client libraries.

- 1: 3DS V1 was used.
- 2: 3DS V2 (EMV) was used.
- null: No 3DS was used.
acquirer_exemptionWill always be NONE, reserved for future use.

- NONE: No exemption applied

List Transactions

API Reference: List transactions


Sample Request

curl \
  -H "Authorization: YOUR_API_KEY"

Sample Response

  "data": [
      "card_token": "079d1898-65f7-4d66-b0bc-172d2935a5fa",
      "amount": -7666,
      "authorization_amount": -7666,
      "merchant_amount": -7666,
      "merchant_authorization_amount": -7666,
      "merchant_currency": "USD",
      "acquirer_fee": 0,
      "created": "2020-07-15T19:17:22Z",
      "events": [
              "amount": 7666,
              "created": "2020-07-15T19:17:22Z",
              "result": "APPROVED",
              "type": "RETURN",
              "token": "6a885bcb-89f6-4fcb-a0ce-7f0233ae20a0"
      "merchant": {
          "acceptor_id": "174030075991",
          "city": "NEW YORK",
          "country": "USA",
          "descriptor": "RESTAURANT ABC",
          "mcc": "5812",
          "state": "NY"
      "result": "APPROVED",
      "settled_amount": -7666,
      "status": "SETTLING",
      "token": "764fa5a3-2371-40f0-8cbb-9a2e1230d955",
      "authorization_code": "123456"
  "page": 1,
  "total_entries": 1,
  "total_pages": 1
account_token (optional, query parameter)Globally unique identifier for the account whose associated transactions should be returned.
String. Permitted values: 36-digit version 4 UUID (including hyphens).
card_token (optional, query parameter)Globally unique identifier for the card whose associated transactions should be returned.
String. Permitted values: 36-digit version 4 UUID (including hyphens).
result (optional, query parameter)Transaction result type to be returned.
String. Permitted values: APPROVED, DECLINED.
begin (optional, query parameter)Transaction entries created on or after the specified date will be included.
String. Permitted values: Date string in the form YYYY-MM-DD.
end (optional)Transaction entries created before the specified date will be included (i.e., transaction entries created on the specified date will not be included).
String. Permitted values: Date string in the form YYYY-MM-DD.
page_size (optional, query parameter)For pagination - specifies the number of entries to be included on each page in the response. Default value is 50.
Integer. Permitted values: 1-1000.
page (optional, query parameter)For pagination - specifies the desired page to be included in the response. For example, if there are 3 total entries, and page_size is 2 (i.e., 2 entries per page), then entering the value 2 for page would return the second page and only the third entry. The default is one.
Integer. Permitted values: 1 or greater.

Get Specific Transactions

API Reference: Get specific transaction


Sample Request

curl \
  -H "Authorization: YOUR_API_KEY"

Sample Response

      "card_token": "079d1898-65f7-4d66-b0bc-172d2935a5fa",
      "amount": -7666,
      "authorization_amount": -7666,
      "merchant_amount": -7666,
      "merchant_authorization_amount": -7666,
      "merchant_currency": "USD",
      "acquirer_fee": 0,
      "created": "2020-07-15T19:17:22Z",
      "events": [
              "amount": 7666,
              "created": "2020-07-15T19:17:22Z",
              "result": "APPROVED",
              "type": "RETURN",
              "token": "6a885bcb-89f6-4fcb-a0ce-7f0233ae20a0"
      "merchant": {
          "acceptor_id": "174030075991",
          "city": "NEW YORK",
          "country": "USA",
          "descriptor": "RESTAURANT ABC",
          "mcc": "5812",
          "state": "NY"
      "result": "APPROVED",
      "settled_amount": -7666,
      "status": "SETTLING",
      "token": "764fa5a3-2371-40f0-8cbb-9a2e1230d955",
      "authorization_code": "123456"
transaction_token (required, path parameter)Globally unique identifier for the transaction to be returned.
String. Permitted values: 36-digit version 4 UUID (including hyphens).

Simulate Transactions

See Simulating Transactions.

Transaction Webhooks

See Transaction webhooks definition.



BOUNCEDThere was an error settling the transaction against the funding source. Your API account may be disabled
DECLINEDThe transaction was declined
PENDINGAuthorization is pending completion from the merchant
SETTLINGThe merchant has completed the transaction and the funding source is being debited
SETTLEDThe transaction is complete
VOIDEDThe merchant has voided the previously pending authorization

Transaction.result and events[*].result

ACCOUNT_STATE_REVIEWAccount (to which the card used in the transaction belongs) is under review; relevant to Starter customers only
APPROVEDSuccessful transaction
AUTH_RULE_ALLOWED_COUNTRYComing soon on June 20: Transaction was declined because the merchant's country is not contained in the set of allowed MCCs configured via Auth Rules
AUTH_RULE_ALLOWED_MCCComing soon on June 20: Transaction was declined because the merchant's merchant category code (MCC) is not contained in the set of allowed MCCs configured via Auth Rules
AUTH_RULE_BLOCKED_COUNTRYComing soon on June 20: Transaction was declined because the merchant's country is contained in the set of blocked countries configured via Auth Rules
AUTH_RULE_BLOCKED_MCCComing soon on June 20: Transaction was declined because the merchant's merchant category code (MCC) is contained in the set of blocked MCCs configured via Auth Rules
BANK_CONNECTION_ERRORPlease reconnect a funding source
BANK_NOT_VERIFIEDPlease confirm the funding source
CARD_PAUSEDCard state was paused at the time of authorization
CARD_CLOSEDCard state was closed at the time of authorization
DECLINEDTransaction was declined for a reason not captured by the other listed reasons
DO_NOT_HONOR_ADVICETransaction was declined due to a decision made by the acquirer or the card network. This is most typically seen when transaction processing takes a long time on the Lithic side, either due to customer's ASA responder taking too long to respond, or the Lithic platform itself taking too long. An advice with this result typically follows a declined authorization or an approved and voided authorization.
FRAUD_ADVICETransaction declined due to risk-related reasons
IGNORED_TTL_EXPIRYAuthorization could not be processed by the Lithic platform in time
INACTIVE_ACCOUNTContact [email protected]
INCORRECT_PINPIN verification failed
INSUFFICIENT_FUNDSPlease ensure the funding source is connected and up to date
INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS_PRELOADResult given when client responds to ASA request with INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS. See ASA Response Result
INVALID_CARD_DETAILSIncorrect CVV or expiry date
INVALID_TRANSACTIONTransaction type (for example, inter-account transfer) cannot be processed
MERCHANT_BLACKLISTThis merchant is disallowed on the platform
ORIGINAL_NOT_FOUNDMerchant submitted a reversal without a corresponding original
PREVIOUSLY_COMPLETEDA duplicate message from the network was received on a transaction that has already been completed or cleared
SINGLE_USE_RECHARGEDSingle-use card attempted multiple times
SWITCH_INOPERATIVE_ADVICENetwork error, re-attempt the transaction
UNAUTHORIZED_MERCHANTMerchant locked card attempted at different merchant
UNKNOWNTransaction was declined for an unspecified reason
UNKNOWN_HOST_TIMEOUTNetwork error, re-attempt the transaction
USER_TRANSACTION_LIMITUser-set spend limit exceeded

Merchant Category Codes (MCCs)

Lithic supports the below set of merchant category codes (MCCs) for use in Auth Rules, ASA, and for transaction simulations.

Note that codes are subject to change and may differ by card network. The below codes and descriptions are for informational purposes only, and Lithic cannot guarantee that each will match those maintained by the networks.

Please refer to network-published MCC materials for the most recent information. We also recommend referring to actual data from past transactions on your cards to build the list of MCCs that you would like to allow or block via an Auth Rule.

Supported MCCs:
0742Veterinary Services
0763Agricultural Co-operatives
0780Horticultural and Landscaping Services
1520General Contractors-Residential and Commercial
1711Air Conditioning, Heating, and Plumbing Contractors
1731Electrical Contractors
1740Insulation, Masonry, Plastering, Stonework, and Tile Setting Contractors
1750Carpentry Contractors
1761Roofing and Siding, Sheet Metal Work Contractors
1771Concrete Work Contractors
1799Contractors, Special Trade – Not Elsewhere Classified
2741Miscellaneous Publishing and Printing
2791Typesetting, Plate Making, and Related Services
2842Sanitation, Polishing, and Specialty Cleaning Preparations
3000-3299, 4511Airlines, Air Carriers
3351-3441Car Rental Agencies
3501-3790, 3816, 3835Lodging – Hotels, Motels, Resorts
4011Railroads – Freight
4111Transportation – Suburban and Local Commuter Passenger, including Ferries
4112Passenger Railways
4119Ambulance Services
4121Limousines and Taxicabs
4131Bus Lines
4214Motor Freight Carriers, Trucking – Local/Long Distance, Moving and Storage Companies, Local Delivery
4215Courier Services – Air and Ground, Freight Forwarders
4225Public Warehousing – Farm Products, Refrigerated Goods, Household Goods Storage
4411Cruise Lines
4457Boat Leases and Boat Rentals
4468Marinas, Marine Service/Supplies
4511Air Carriers, Airlines – Not Elsewhere Classified
4582Airports, Airport Terminals, Flying Fields (does not include merchants located within airport terminals)
4722Travel Agencies and Tour Operators
4784Bridge and Road Fees, Tolls
4789Transportation Services – Not Elsewhere Classified
4812Telecommunications Equipment Including Telephone Sales
4814Telecommunication Services (Including Prepaid and Recurring Phone Services)
4816Computer Network/Information Services
4821Telegraph Services
4829Money Transfer
4899Cable, Satellite, and Other Pay Television and Radio Services
4900Utilities – Electric, Gas, Heating Oil, Sanitary, Water
5013Motor Vehicle Supplies and New Parts
5021Office and Commercial Furniture
5039Construction Materials – Not Elsewhere Classified
5044Office, Photographic, Photocopy, and Microfilm Equipment
5045Computers, Computer Peripheral Equipment, Software
5046Commercial Equipment – Not Elsewhere Classified
5047Dental/Laboratory/Medical/Ophthalmic Hospital Equipment and Supplies
5051Metal Service Centers and Offices
5065Electrical Parts and Equipment
5072Hardware Equipment and Supplies
5074Plumbing and Heating Equipment
5085Industrial Supplies – Not Elsewhere Classified
5094Precious Stones and Metals, Watches and Jewelry
5099Durable Goods – Not Elsewhere Classified
5111Stationery, Office Supplies, Printing, and Writing Paper
5122Drugs, Drug Proprietors, and Druggists Sundries
5131Piece Goods, Notions, and Other Dry Goods
5137Men's, Women's, and Children's Uniforms and Commercial Clothing
5139Commercial Footwear
5169Chemicals and Allied Products – Not Elsewhere Classified
5172Petroleum and Petroleum Products
5192Books, Periodicals, and Newspapers
5193Florists Supplies, Nursery Stock, and Flowers
5198Paints, Varnishes, and Supplies
5199Nondurable Goods – Not Elsewhere Classified
5200Home Supply Warehouse Stores
5211Building Materials, Lumber Stores
5231Glass, Paint, Wallpaper Stores
5251Hardware Stores
5261Lawn and Garden Supply Stores
5271Mobile Home Dealers
5300Wholesale Clubs
5309Duty Free Stores
5310Discount Stores
5311Department Stores
5331Variety Stores
5399Miscellaneous General Merchandise Stores
5411Grocery Stores, Supermarkets
5422Freezer, Locker Meat Provisioners
5441Candy, Nut, Confectionery Stores
5451Dairy Products Stores
5499Miscellaneous Food Stores – Convenience Stores, Markets, Specialty Stores
5511Automobile and Truck Dealers – Sales, Service, Repairs, Parts, and Leasing
5521Automobile and Truck Dealers – (Used Only) – Sales
5531Auto Store, Home Supply Stores
5532Automotive Tire Stores
5533Automotive Parts, Accessories Stores
5541Service Stations (with or without Ancillary Services)
5542Fuel Dispenser, Automated
5551Boat Dealers
5561Camper Dealers, Recreational and Utility Trailers
5571Motorcycle Shops and Dealers
5592Motor Home Dealers
5598Snowmobile Dealers
5599Miscellaneous Automotive, Aircraft, and Farm Equipment Dealers – Not Elsewhere Classified
5611Men’s and Boy’s Clothing and Accessories Stores
5621Women's Ready to Wear Stores
5631Women’s Accessory and Specialty Shops
5641Children's and Infants' Wear Stores
5651Family Clothing Stores
5655Sports Apparel, Riding Apparel Stores
5661Shoe Stores
5681Furriers and Fur Shops
5691Men’s and Women’s Clothing Stores
5697Alterations, Mending, Seamstresses, Tailors
5698Wig and Toupee Shops
5699Accessory and Apparel Stores – Miscellaneous
5712Equipment, Furniture, and Home Furnishings Stores (except Appliances)
5713Floor Covering Stores
5714Drapery, Window Covering and Upholstery Stores
5718Fireplace, Fireplace Screens, and Accessories Stores
5719Miscellaneous Home Furnishing Specialty Stores
5722Household Appliance Stores
5732Electronic Sales
5733Music Stores – Musical Instruments, Pianos, Sheet Music
5734Computer Software Stores
5735Record Shops
5812Eating Places, Restaurants
5813Bars, Cocktail Lounges, Discotheques, Nightclubs, and Taverns – Drinking Places (Alcoholic Beverages)
5814Fast Food Restaurants
5815Digital Goods – Audiovisual Media Including Books, Movies, and Music
5816Digital Goods – Games
5817Digital Goods – Software Applications (Excluding Games)
5818Digital Goods – Multi-Category
5912Drug Stores, Pharmacies
5921Package Stores, Beer, Wine, and Liquor
5931Second Hand Stores, Used Merchandise Stores
5932Antique Shops – Sales, Repairs, and Restoration Services
5933Pawn Shops
5935Salvage and Wrecking Yards
5937Antique Reproduction Stores
5940Bicycle Shops – Sales and Service
5941Sporting Goods Stores
5942Book Stores
5943Office, School Supply, and Stationery Stores
5944Clock, Jewelry, Watch, and Silverware Store
5945Game, Toy, and Hobby Shops
5946Camera and Photographic Supply Stores
5947Card, Gift, Novelty, and Souvenir Shops
5948Leather Goods and Luggage Stores
5949Fabric, Needlework, Piece Goods, and Sewing Stores
5950Crystal and Glassware Stores
5960Direct Marketing – Insurance Services
5961Mail Order Houses Including Catalog Order Stores
5962Direct Marketing – Travel-Related Arrangement Services
5963Door-to-Door Sales
5964Direct Marketing – Catalog Merchants
5965Direct Marketing – Combination Catalog and Retail Merchants
5966Direct Marketing – Outbound Telemarketing Merchants
5967Direct Marketing – Inbound Telemarketing Merchants
5968Direct Marketing – Continuity/Subscription Merchants
5969Direct Marketing – Other Direct Marketers – Not Elsewhere Classified
5970Artist Supply Stores, Craft Shops
5971Art Dealers and Galleries
5972Stamp and Coin Stores – Philatelic and Numismatic Supplies
5973Religious Goods Stores
5975Hearing Aids – Sales, Service, Supply Stores
5976Orthopedic Goods – Artifical Limb Stores
5977Cosmetic Stores
5978Typewriter Stores – Rentals, Sales, Service
5983Fuel Dealers – Coal, Fuel Oil, Liquefied Petroleum, Wood
5993Cigar Stores and Stands
5994News Dealers and Newsstands
5995Pet Shops – Pet Food and Supplies
5996Swimming Pools – Sales and Supplies
5997Electric Razor Stores – Sales and Service
5998Tent and Awning Shops
5999Miscellaneous and Specialty Retail Stores
6010Financial Institutions – Manual Cash Disbursements
6011Financial Institutions - Automated Cash Disbursements (e.g., ATM)
6012Financial Institutions – Merchandise and Services
6051Quasi Cash – Merchant (e.g., travelers cheques, foreign currency, money orders)
6211Securities – Brokers/Dealers
6300Insurance Sales, Underwriting, and Premiums
6381Insurance Premiums
6513Real Estate Agents and Managers – Rentals
7011Lodging – Hotels, Motels, Resorts – Not Elsewhere Classified
7032Recreational and Sporting Camps
7033Campgrounds and Trailer Parks
7210Cleaning, Garment and Laundry Services
7211Laundry Services – Family and Commercial
7216Dry Cleaners
7217Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
7221Photographic Studios
7230Barber and Beauty Shops
7251Hat Cleaning Shops, Shoe Repair Shops, Shoe Shine Parlors
7261Funeral Service and Crematories
7273Dating Services
7276Tax Preparation Service
7277Debt, Marriage, Personal – Counseling Service
7278Buying/Shopping Clubs, Services
7296Clothing Rental – Costumes, Uniforms, Formal Wear
7297Massage Parlors
7298Health and Beauty Spas
7299Other Services – Not Elsewhere Classified
7311Advertising Services
7321Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies
7332Blueprinting and Photocopying Services
7333Commercial Art, Graphics, Photography
7338Quick Copy, Reproduction and Blueprinting Services
7339Stenographic and Secretarial Support Services
7342Exterminating and Disinfecting Services
7349Cleaning and Maintenance, Janitorial Services
7361Employment Agencies, Temporary Help Services
7372Computer Programming, Data Processing, and Integrated Systems Design Services
7375Information Retrieval Services
7379Computer Maintenance, Repair, and Services – Not Elsewhere Classified
7392Consulting, Management, and Public Relations Services
7393Detective Agencies, Protective Agencies, Security Services including Armored Cars, Guard Dogs
7394Equipment Rental and Leasing Services, Furniture Rental, Tool Rental
7395Photo Developing, Photofinishing Laboratories
7399Business Services – Not Elsewhere Classified
7512Automobile Rental Agency – Not Elsewhere Classified
7513Truck Rental
7519Motor Home and Recreational Vehicle Rental
7523Automobile Parking Lots and Garages
7531Automotive Body Repair Shops
7534Tire Retreading and Repair Shops
7535Automotive Paint Shops
7538Automotive Service Shops
7542Car Washes
7549Towing Services
7622Electronic Repair Shops
7623Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Repair Shops
7629Appliance Repair Shops, Electrical and Small
7631Clock, Jewelry, and Watch Repair Shops
7641Furniture – Reupholstery and Repair, Refinishing
7692Welding Repair
7699Miscellaneous Repair Shops and Related Services
7800Government Owned Lottery
7801Government-Licensed Casinos (Online or Internet Gambling)
7802Government-Licensed Horse/Dog Racing
7829Motion Picture and Video Tape Production and Distribution
7832Motion Picture Theaters
7841Video Entertainment Rental Stores
7911Dance Halls, Studios and Schools
7922Theatrical Producers (except Motion Pictures), Ticket Agencies
7929Bands, Orchestras, and Miscellaneous Entertainers – Not Elsewhere Classified
7932Pool and Billiard Establishments
7933Bowling Alleys
7941Athletic Fields, Commercial Sports, Professional Sports Clubs, Sports Promoters
7991Tourist Attractions and Exhibits
7992Golf Courses, Public
7993Video Amusement Game Supplies
7994Video Game Arcades/Establishments
7995Gambling Transactions
7996Amusement Parks, Carnivals, Circuses, Fortune Tellers
7997Clubs – Country Clubs, Membership (Athletic, Recreation, Sports), Private Golf Courses
7998Aquariums, Dolphinariums, Zoos, and Seaquariums
7999Recreation Services – Not Elsewhere Classified
8011Doctors – Not Elsewhere Classified
8021Dentists, Orthodontists
8031Osteopathic Physicians
8042Optometrists, Ophthalmologists
8043Opticians, Opticians Goods, and Eyeglasses
8044Optical Goods and Eyeglasses
8049Chiropodists, Podiatrists
8050Nursing and Personal Care Facilities
8071Dental and Medical Laboratories
8099Health Practitioners, Medical Services – Not Elsewhere Classified
8111Attorneys, Legal Services
8211Schools, Elementary and Secondary
8220Colleges, Universities, Professional Schools, and Junior Colleges
8241Schools, Correspondence
8244Schools, Business and Secretarial
8249Schools, Trade and Vocational
8299Schools and Educational Services – Not Elsewhere Classified
8351Child Care Services
8398Organizations, Charitable and Social Service
8641Associations – Civic, Social, and Fraternal
8651Organizations, Political
8661Organizations, Religious
8675Automobile Associations
8699Organizations, Membership – Not Elsewhere Classified
8734Testing Laboratories (Non-Medical)
8911Architectural, Engineering, and Surveying Services
8931Accounting, Auditing, and Bookkeeping Services
8999Professional Services – Not Elsewhere Classified
9211Court Costs including Alimony and Child Support
9223Bail and Bond Payments
9311Tax Payments
9399Government Services – Not Elsewhere Classified
9402Postal Services – Government Only