Spend Limits

Card and Account Spend Limits are a feature offered by Lithic to support customers in controlling spend. Purchase requests above the configured spend limit will be declined (refunds and credits will be approved).

Note that while spend limits are enforced based on authorized and settled volume on a card, they are not recommended to be used for balance or reconciliation-level accuracy. If interested - please see our balances product for more detail or contact [email protected].

Setting Spend Limits

Cards and Account Spend Limits can be set via Lithic’s API.

Cards support a single spend_limitwith spend_limit_duration of ANNUALLY, FOREVER, MONTHLY, or TRANSACTION. For card spend limits - a spend_limit of 0 means no spend limit is enforced.

Accounts support multiple concurrent spend limits. By default, the daily spend limit is set to $1,250.00 and the monthly spend limit is set to $5,000. A lifetime limit of 0 indicates that the lifetime limit feature is disabled. A monthly or daily limit of 0 will be enforced. Account level spend limits are only enabled for non-ASA customers.

Get Available Spend Limits

Lithic provides an API to get the currently configured spend limit as well as the amount available to spend at any time here for cards and here for accounts.

Force Posted Charges

Spend limits cannot block force posted charges (i.e., when a merchant sends a clearing message without a prior authorization - see here for more detail.