Send Requests

Estimated time: ~2 minutes

Authenticate your API requests

To authenticate your requests to our API, include your API key in the “Authorization” header.

"Authorization: {API key}" // Sandbox or Production API key

Select an environment

Lithic exposes two environments for API requests: Sandbox and Production

Sandbox:  // Use your Sandbox API key
Production:      // Use your Production API key

Sandbox supports all of Production's API endpoints and adds a few more to simulate real world card usage.

Make API requests

Using a Lithic library

Lithic provides client libraries to speed up your time to launching a live card program:

LanguageLinksInstall Command
TypescriptGithub NPMnpm install lithic
PythonGithub PyPipip install lithic

We highly recommend using a library for your integration. Our libraries are kept up-to-date, provide types, and simplify some of the more complex parts of the API.

// npm install lithic

const lithic = new Lithic({
  apiKey: "{Sandbox API key}", // or "Production API key"
  environment: "sandbox", // or "production". Defaults to "production"
# pip install lithic

lithic = Lithic(
  api_key="{Sandbox API key}",  # or "Production API key"
  environment="sandbox",  # or "production". Defaults to "production"

Using cURL

curl --request GET \
     --url \
     --header "Accept: application/json" \
     --header "Authorization: {Sandbox API key}"