Accounts & Money Movement Overview

Build full stack disbursement solutions at Lithic

With our Accounts & Money Movement product suite, you can build a complete, end-to-end disbursement solution at Lithic. These products enable you to:

  • Programmatically create financial accounts to track balances
  • Transfer funds into/out of financial accounts via ACH and instant book Transfers
  • Instantly issue and load virtual and physical cards for end-users

Supported Use Cases

Current customers are using Accounts & Money Movement to build programs such as:

  • Corporate incentives: Send rewards and rebates to drive customer and employee loyalty
  • Class-action settlements: Distribute payments to class members
  • Clinical trials: Send payments to clinical trial participants
  • Contractor payouts: Send payments to independent contractors
  • Bill Pay: Facilitate hassle-free bill payment in sectors like utilities and healthcare

We also support platform use cases where you may be managing multiple disbursement programs on behalf of your customers. Contact our sales team for more information.

Example Use Case: Corporate Incentive Cards

Corporate incentive programs help businesses provide rewards and other financial perks to customers, contractors, and employees using prepaid cards. In these types of programs, the company owns the program-level account and the end-users have their own accounts where they receive funds from the program.

In this example, Mobile ABC wants to offer cash back rebates in order to encourage on-time bill payments and build brand loyalty. Every time a customer pays their cell phone bill early, Mobile ABC will send them a $5 reward card that can be used anywhere that accepts Mastercard or Visa.

This would be the program’s structure:

  • Funding model: Pre-funded program
  • Program account: Mobile ABC
  • Source of funds: Mobile ABC commercial Funding Bank Account via ACH
  • End-user account: reward accounts for customers of Mobile ABC
  1. Mobile ABC sends $100,000 to their program account to pre-fund their rewards program
    When a customer pays their bill at Mobile ABC, the customer can opt-in to receive a reward for early payment.
  2. Mobile ABC then creates a rewards account for the customer. These reward accounts can be tied to virtual cards, physical cards, or digital wallet cards.
  3. When the customer pays their bill early, Mobile ABC can instantly disburse $5 to that customer’s reward account.
  4. The customer can then spend their reward using one of their Lithic-generated cards.
  5. Next month, when the customer pays their bill early again, Mobile ABC can disburse another $5 to the same reward account

For more details on each step, please see our Quick Start - Disbursement guide and the following API guides: