Types of Events

We currently send the following types of events. However, it's essential to note that we may introduce new ones at any moment. When designing and updating your code, be cautious not to assume this list is exhaustive.

Event Types

Event TypeDescription
card.createdNotification that a card has been created.
card.shippedPhysical card shipment notification. See Physical Card Shipping Webhook.
card_transaction.updatedTransaction lifecycle event
digital_wallet.tokenization_approval_requestCard network's request to Lithic to activate a digital wallet token. See Digital Wallet Events.
digital_wallet.tokenization_resultNotification of the end result of a tokenization, whether successful or failed. See Digital Wallet Events.
digital_wallet.tokenization_two_factor_authentication_codeA code to be passed to an end user to complete digital wallet authentication.
dispute.updatedIndication of an update to a dispute.
dispute_evidence.upload_failedDispute evidence upload failed. The most likely cause of this is the file uploaded was not a supported format.
three_ds_authentication.createdNotification that a 3DS authentication has taken place on one of your cards.
payment_transaction.createdNotification that an ACH transaction has occurred. See Financial Transactions
payment_transaction.updatedNotification that the state of an ACH transaction has been updated. See Financial Transactions
transfer_transaction.createdNotification that a transfer between financial accounts has occurred. See Financial Transactions
account_holder.createdNotification of the successful creation of an accountholder.
account_holder.updatedNotification of the update of an accountholder.
account_holder.verificationNotification of a verification result for an accountholder.

Event Schema

You can reference the schema of the various events types in our centralized OpenAPI spec.

Send Event Examples

You can simulate events in Sandbox. Please refer to this section.