December 18, 2023

Release Notes for December 19, 2023

Based on customer feedback, we are adding a new detailed_results field to the events array contained in the transaction object. This field will offer a comprehensive set of result codes, which will clarify why a specific transaction event was declined, or confirm that it was approved. Here are some key points about this rollout:

  • The new field will be an addition to the existing set. This means the current result field will continue to be populated, allowing users to switch to the new, more comprehensive field when they find it convenient.
  • The detailed_results field will be an array. Initially, it will only contain a single result code. However, user systems should be ready to handle multiple result codes in the future. The purpose of this is to enable card programs to better support their cardholders in support use cases. E.g., if a card’s security code was entered incorrectly and the card’s spend limit has been exceeded, card programs will have access to both of those data points to explain to a cardholder why their transaction did not go through.
  • The set of enum values for this field may expand over time, and user systems should be prepared to handle new enum values. This allows Lithic to provide deeper insights into why a transaction event is declined as the platform grows and more robust authorization checks are integrated. This benefits users by ensuring they have access to the most detailed rationale available for a decline without needing to re-integrate with a new field or API object version.

Refer to the full set of enum values and descriptions and the transaction object spec for more details. This new field will appear in Sandbox on December 18 (Monday) and in Production on December 19 (Tuesday).