January 5, 2024

New Type Field in Settlement API

We have added a new type field to the Settlement API. This field identifies the type of each settlement record. This field provides increased visibility into settlement activity and enables a more granular understanding of the data, key benefits include:

  • The ability to differentiate disputes money movement across the different phases of the dispute lifecycle: CHARGEBACK, REPRESENTMENT, PREARBITRATION, and ARBITRATION
  • Within Single Message activity, the ability to differentiate between settlements from cardholder purchases and non-financial events (e.g., card balance checks which still incur interchange and fees - despite not being a typical cardholder purchase)

You can see the full set of enumerations and their descriptions here. This new field is live in production as of January 5th 2024.

Note: This field is currently available for MASTERCARD and MAESTRO records only. type data for VISA and INTERLINK is expected to follow in Q1 2024.

Renew and Replace Physical Card Functionality Now Available

Customers now have two new endpoints with which they can refresh their cards.

  1. As physical cards approach expiry, customers can renew physical cards, extending the expiry on their physical card.
  2. If a physical card is lost or stolen, customers can also replace physical cards, generating an entirely new physical card.

We strongly recommend integrating with these endpoints to support customers with expiring or lost/stolen cards. See our Renew Physical Cards and Replace Physical Cards guides for more information.