March 30, 2023

Bug fix unhiding declined authorization advice events

While our documentation indicates that authorization advice events can appear in the transaction object with a DECLINED status, there were certain cases where the Lithic platform would hide these events. These events most commonly indicate that a party upstream of Lithic declined the transaction due to a timeout).

While infrequent, these instances caused confusion for customers and made it difficult to interpret what happened with a given transaction. This was particularly acute in cases where the only event that took place was a hidden authorization advice, and the transaction would therefore contain an empty events array.

With this fix, we will no longer be hiding these events from the API and webhooks. Both historical and future transactions will have these additional events included. Please refer to our transaction flow documentation here and here to see examples of when this sequence of events may occur, and how the transaction object will appear. This change will have no impact on the topline transaction status or result.