May 10, 2023

Release notes for May 23, 2023

Improving consistency in credit authorization expirations

Similar to purchase authorizations, credit authorizations need to be cleared (or settled) by a merchant before money movement occurs. Merchants do not always clear the credit authorization in a timely manner, and according to network guidance the Lithic platform will expire these outstanding authorizations to indicate to you (and your cardholders) that the transaction is considered voided.

We will be deploying a change that will introduce consistency in how these credit authorizations are expired. This change is intended to address the fact that not all credit authorizations on the Lithic platform are expired today, causing some customers to wonder why they see outstanding credit authorizations on their cards indefinitely. Customers can refer to this section of our documentation to understand how these authorization expiry events will appear on their transactions.

Customers can expect to see this behavior:

  • In Sandbox beginning on May 16, meaning simulated credit authorizations created beginning May 16 will be automatically expired by the Lithic platform after a few days; and
  • In Production beginning on May 23, meaning all credit authorizations generated on your cards beginning May 23 will be automatically expired by the Lithic platform after a few days