November 2, 2021

New API documentation

You may have noticed our documentation looks a bit different—we've given it an upgrade! The new documentation includes new guides, multi-language API references, and features like this release log.

$0 Authorization Webhooks

$0 authorizations are often sent through the networks to preempt a later charge or as a hold. To give you greater visibility into the full lifecycle of a transaction, we've added webhooks for $0 authorizations. These should be handled like any other authorization transaction on your system, and they do not need special treatment.

KYC public beta :tada:

Lithic's KYC is now in public beta! We're working with a select group of customers to offer KYC workflows and user management for your card programs.

Showing and hiding API fields

By default, you have access to all data points in the API endpoints. But sometimes you'll need selective access to PANs, CVVs, and other information to remain PCI compliant. We've added a field to show or hide these fields at the appropriate points in your workflow.

Other changes

  • Embedded Card UI: We added feedback in our hosted card UI to indicate to users that they've copied the card information upon tapping the card. To learn more check out the updated guide
  • Simulations: Simulation errors now come with a transaction ID included to make the testing process easier on your end.
  • Zip codes: We adjusted our Sandbox API to confirm whether zip codes are valid or not.