December 13, 2021

ASA demo apps, physical cards documentation, and more!

ASA Demo Apps

We created demo apps for customers to launch their own ASA responders in under 10 minutes using AWS!
Python example:
Node example:

Physical Cards Documentation

We refreshed and consolidated our documentation around physical cards in our Cards guide to help customers know:

  • What to expect about the process of setting up a physical card program
  • When a product ID needs to be included during card creation
  • How first and last name fields in the shipping_object are used in the printing of physical cards

Other changes

  • ASA Response Results: We adjusted our documentation to reflect an updated and more accurate set of enum values to be used in responding to ASA requests
  • Debit and Credit Amounts in Transactions: We updated our documentation on the Transaction and Event Schema to clarify when positive and negative values may appear, and how to know whether they represent debits or credits