March 28, 2023

Release notes for March 28, 2023

Bug fix for duplicate authorization expiry events

Our documentation indicates that only a single authorization expiry event is expected per transaction regardless of prior events that appear in the transaction object. A transaction cannot expire more than once - once it's authorization validity window passes and it expires, we typically do not expect additional events to occur. An exception is in the case of a late clearing from a merchant, which can then make the transaction subject to dispute.

Until today, when a transaction had both an authorization and authorization advice event, there were certain cases where two authorization expiry events would be sent. With this bug fix, we are bringing the transaction object behavior in line with our documented transaction flows, and only a single authorization expiry event will be sent.

There is no change to the behavior of other fields in the transaction object. Most importantly, authorization and authorization_amount will continue to be 0 when a transaction is expired, and the statuswill continue to be EXPIRED.

Transaction webhooks now available via Events API

Users can now subscribe to transaction webhooks using our Events API. As with other events using the Events API, these transaction webhooks can be replayed, queried, and will use HMAC secrets for security. Users listening for transaction webhooks using existing webhooks functionality will continue to receive messages normally.

Simulate Authorization Advice Available in Sandbox

Users can now simulate authorization advice in Sandbox, which changes the amount of a prior transaction. See our Simulate Authorization Advice documentation for more detail.