October 20, 2023

Card Programs and Digital Card Art Endpoints

Users can now view their card_program_token and digital_card_art_token via both the API and Lithic Dashboard.

At card creation, customers can optionally pass a card_program_token to specify the BIN the card will be created on. With the Card Program API, you can now list your BINs and their associated card_program_token.

Also during card creation, Lithic customers can optionally pass a digital_card_art_token to specify the digital card art to be shown when a cardholder adds their card to their digital wallet. With the Digital Card Art API, you can now list your digital card arts and their associated digital_card_art_token. See Flexible Card Art for more information on how to create digital card art.

You can also find your Card Program Token and/or Digital Card Art Token by navigating to Program Settings at the top of Lithic Dashboard.