Learn about webhooks and transaction types.

Webhooks are notifications about API events, sent as they occur. Lithic’s transaction messages are the main vehicle through which live transaction handling is performed. Each message will contain a full transaction object (the same schema as returned by the List transactions endpoint in the message body.

Transaction messages can generally be separated along two dimensions: financial vs. non-financial messages, and requests vs. advice.


Transaction message types

Financial messages prompt movement of funds between accounts (e.g., a clearing message that prompts an ACH debit from the user's connected account), while non-financial messages don’t prompt movement of funds (e.g., an authorization request that induces a hold on funds but doesn’t trigger a payment to the merchant until the transaction is settled). Authorization holds should be temporary, as transactions that are subsequently declined will have the associated funds returned to the end-user for future use.

On the other axis, requests are messages that require a response (i.e., approval or decline) to Lithic, while advice messages don’t require a response other than a notification that the advice was received.

Lithic provides two webhook services that provide access to different types of messages: