KYC Verification [Beta]

Learn how to enroll end-users.

Enroll User (Enterprise)

API reference: Enroll a new consumer account

Enroll a new account into the program managed by the API key. This endpoint runs the candidate enrollment through the Customer Identification Program (CIP) and returns an account_token if successful.


Sample Request

curl \
  -X POST \
  -H "Authorization: api-key YOUR_API_KEY" \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -d '{"first_name":"Johnny","last_name":"AppleSeed","dob":"1990-06-28","street1":"123 Main Street","zipcode":"10128","phone_number":"2124007676","email":"[email protected]","ssn":"000-00-3333"}'

Sample Responses

KYC Success
    "data": {
        "account_token": "ecbd1d58-0299-48b3-84da-6ed7f5bf9ec1",
        "kyc": {
            "success": true
        "result": "ACCEPTED"
KYC Failure
    "data": {
        "kyc": {
            "failure_reasons": [
            "success": false
        "result": "REJECTED"
dobDate of birth, as an ISO 8601 date
emailIf utilizing Lithic for chargeback processing, this customer email address may be used to communicate dispute status and resolution.
first_nameCustomer's given, first name
kyc_passed_timestampAn ISO 8601 timestamp at which precomputed KYC was completed. The field is required only if run_kyc is set to false.
kyc_typeSpecifies the KYC workflow to run on the person for which the account is being created. Review the KYC Type enumeration section for more information.
last_nameCustomer's surname (family name)
phone_numberCustomer's phone number in E.164 format. This may improve the chances of a positive identity match and successful API response.
ssnFull-nine SSN with or without hyphens. Required for identity verification and compliance with US banking regulations
street1Valid USPS routable address †
street2 (optional)Unit number (if applicable)
tos_timestampAn ISO 8601 timestamp at which Lithic's terms of service were accepted by customer.
zipcodeFive digit zipcode or nine digit "ZIP+4" †

street1 and zipcode will be used to perform address verification if authorization requests include a billing address. It's important to ensure this address is kept current to avoid possible declines.

KYC Type

This enumeration is used to specify the KYC workflow to use.

BASICLithic Basic-tier KYC. Offers simple identity verification with no yellow-path remediation or document upload.
PRECHECKEDBypass Lithic KYC. Only usable by customers with KYC processes approved by Lithic.

KYC Failure Reasons

When a KYC evaluation fails, one or more of the following failure reasons will be returned in the response.

ADDRESS_VERIFICATION_FAILUREThe address provided could not be matched.
AGE_THRESHOLD_FAILUREThe user did not fall within an acceptable age range. Typically this indicates a COPPA alert.
BANKRUPTCY_RELATED_FAILUREThe user has a chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy on record.
BLOCKLIST_ALERT_FAILUREThe user appeared on one or more blocklists. Contact Lithic support for more information.
COMPLETE_VERIFICATION_FAILUREThe user could not be matched to a person in any data source.
DATA_STRENGTH_FAILUREThe user's public record has insufficient info that can be used for verification.
DOB_VERIFICATION_FAILUREThe date of birth provided could not be matched.
EMAIL_VERIFICATION_FAILUREThe email provided is not valid or is improperly formatted.
MULTIPLE_RECORDS_FAILUREThe user has several valid records with conflicting information.
NAME_VERIFICATION_FAILUREThe name provided could not be matched.
OTHER_VERIFICATION_FAILUREThe user was rejected for a reason other than one specified above. Contact Lithic support for more information.
PHONE_VERIFICATION_FAILUREThe phone number provided could not be matched.
RISK_THRESHOLD_FAILUREThe user was flagged for high risk of fraud.
SSN_VERIFICATION_FAILUREThe social security number provided could not be matched.

Simulating KYC Failures in Sandbox

See Simulating KYC Failures.

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