KYC Verification

Learn how to enroll end-users.

Enroll User (Enterprise)

API reference: Enroll a new consumer account

Enroll a new account into the instance managed by the API key. This endpoint runs the candidate enrollment through the Customer Identification Program (CIP) and returns an account_token if successful.


Sample Request

curl \
  -X POST \
  -H "Authorization: api-key YOUR_API_KEY" \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -d '{"first_name":"Johnny","last_name":"AppleSeed","dob":"1990-06-28","street1":"123 Main Street","zipcode":"10128","phone_number":"2124007676","email":"[email protected]","ssn":"000-00-3333"}'

Sample Responses

KYC Success
    "data": {
        "account_token": "ecbd1d58-0299-48b3-84da-6ed7f5bf9ec1",
        "kyc": {
            "success": true
        "result": "ACCEPTED"
KYC Failure
    "data": {
        "kyc": {
            "failure_reasons": [
            "success": false
        "result": "REJECTED"
first_nameCustomer's given, first name
last_nameCustomer's surname (family name)
dobDate of birth, as an ISO 8601 date
street1Valid USPS routable address †
street2 (optional)Unit number (if applicable)
zipcodeFive digit zipcode or nine digit "ZIP+4" †
ssnFull-nine SSN with or without hyphens. Required for identity verification and compliance with US banking regulations
phone_numberCustomer's phone number in E.164 format. This may improve the chances of a positive identity match and successful API response.
emailIf utilizing Lithic for chargeback processing, this customer email address may be used to communicate dispute status and resolution.
kyc_typeSpecifies the KYC workflow to run on the person for which the account is being created. Review the KYC Type enumeration section for more information.
kyc_passed_timestampAn ISO 8601 timestamp at which precomputed KYC was completed. The field is required only if run_kyc is set to false.
tos_timestampAn ISO 8601 timestamp at which Lithic's terms of service were accepted by customer.

street1 and zipcode will be used to perform address verification if authorization requests include a billing address. It's important to ensure this address is kept current to avoid possible declines.

KYC Type

This enumeration is used to specify the KYC workflow to use.

PRECHECKEDBypass Lithic KYC. Only usable by customers with KYC processes approved by Lithic.
BASICLithic Basic-tier KYC. Offers simple identity verification with no yellow-path remediation or document upload.

KYC Failure Reasons

When a KYC evaluation fails, one or more of the following failure reasons will be returned in the response.

ADDRESS_VERIFICATION_FAILUREThe address provided could not be matched.
NAME_VERIFICATION_FAILUREThe name provided could not be matched.
DOB_VERIFICATION_FAILUREThe date of birth provided could not be matched.
SSN_VERIFICATION_FAILUREThe social security number provided could not be matched.
PHONE_VERIFICATION_FAILUREThe phone number provided could not be matched.
AGE_THRESHOLD_FAILUREThe user did not fall within an acceptable age range. Typically this indicates a COPPA alert.
RISK_THRESHOLD_FAILUREThe user was flagged for high risk of fraud.
BLOCKLIST_ALERT_FAILUREThe user appeared on one or more blocklists. Contact Lithic support for more information.
COMPLETE_VERIFICATION_FAILUREThe user could not be matched to a person in any data source.
OTHER_VERIFICATION_FAILUREThe user was rejected for a reason other than one specified above. Contact Lithic support for more information.

Simulating KYC Failures in Sandbox

See Simulating KYC Failures.

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